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The National Institute of Restoration offers publications especially for its members. The Report is designed primarily for insurance agents and adjusters to keep them abreast of issues in the field of insurance restoration. Other publications are designed for contractors who specialize in insurance restoration. Our publications offer information and tips about sales, customer service, legal issues, and employee relations.

Our members are professionals from all over the country who want to learn the latest techniques and exchange information in a cooperative manner. Membership is limited to one firm in an area in order to foster cooperation without direct competition.

In addition, the National Institute of Restoration hosts an annual Executive Leadership Conference. Click here for the details about this year's conference.

Following are excerpts from recent publications. If you would like more information about membership in the National Institute of Restoration, please call or email us using the contact information on our Contact NIR page.

Customer Sales and Service
Unique challenge faced in customer service
Customer service tips from companies with great customer service

Business Issues
Guarantee your services
Fascinating facts about the industry
Pollution coverage is vital
Great pictures have a dramatic impact on potential clients

Working with Disasters 
Costly catastrophies 

NIR Teaches Techniques   
The National Institute of Restoration helps contractors and insurance agents and adjusters keep abreast of restoration techniques through conferences and publications. NIR supports the Preferred Contractor Program and believes that education and training never stop.

With the growing concern about pollution exposure in the construction industry, the special challenges of restoring property damaged by fire, wind or water, and the new materials being made available to contractors, there is always something more to learn.

Some excerpts from recent publications that offer information on techniques follow.

  How to remove lead paint safely
  A technique for heavy-duty drying of flooded buildings